How to Hide TV Wires from Wall Mount — Hide Cords DIY

Mount­ing your beau­ti­ful new flat screen tv on the wall can make for a gor­geous, mod­ern look in your home. How­ev­er, those unsight­ly wires, cables and cords hang­ing down can quick­ly ruin the aes­thet­ic. Luck­i­ly, hid­ing those tv wires from a wall mount­ed tele­vi­sion is an easy DIY project. With a few tools, mate­ri­als and plan­ning, you can com­plete­ly hide cords from even the most dis­cern­ing eye.

Below is a com­pre­hen­sive guide on hid­ing tv cords from a wall-mount­ed tv. You will learn about how to hide the wires behind the wall, how to mount your TV so that it is eas­i­er to hide your cable, tv cables man­age­ment and many more. Let’s get start­ed!

Why Hide Your Wall Mounted TV Wires?

Beyond improv­ing the visu­al appeal of your sleek mount­ed tele­vi­sion, hid­ing tv wires behind your wall mount­ed flat screen also makes prac­ti­cal sense for safe­ty and orga­ni­za­tion. Dan­gling wires pose a trip­ping haz­ard for kids and pets, not to men­tion they sim­ply look messy and clut­tered. Prop­er­ly hid­ing your wall mount­ed television’s wires keeps them secure, while con­tribut­ing to a clean, wire­less look.

How to Hide TV Wires: Step-By-Step Guide

Hid­ing tele­vi­sion wires from a wall mount­ed tv involves rout­ing and con­ceal­ing cables either behind the wall itself or inside it with var­i­ous cable man­age­ment strate­gies. Fol­low these key steps for keep­ing cords neat­ly out of sight.

Choose the Right Wall Mount for flat-screen tv

The eas­i­est way to hide tv wires begins with select­ing the right wall mount for your tele­vi­sion. Mod­els designed specif­i­cal­ly for hid­ing wires have chan­nels built-in to the mount to neat­ly guide cables down and out of sight behind the wall mount­ed tv. Con­sid­er one of these all-in-one solu­tions that have wire hid­ing fea­tures built-in.

Gather the Proper Tools & Materials

Hid­ing tele­vi­sion cords behind dry­wall requires the right gear for mak­ing a hole in the wall and rout­ing wires. You might also need tools to get rid of an exist­ing tv stand or a piece of fur­ni­ture. For most basic DIY wire hid­ing projects, you’ll need:

  • Stud find­er
  • Dry­wall saw
  • Fish tapes
  • Cable ties
  • Cable/wire con­duit

You can find these tools in your local hard­ware store. They are essen­tial to drill holes in your wall and keep your cords and cable man­aged.

Locate Wall Studs

Before rout­ing any wires or cut­ting dry­wall, locate pre­cise­ly where studs sit behind your wall. Use an elec­tron­ic stud find­er tool to detect these, mark­ing their place­ment with painters tape on the wall. Avoid drilling into elec­tri­cal wiring inside stud bays.

Cut Access Holes

Use your dry­wall saw to cut out neat access holes between each stud bay where you’ll feed wires down behind the wall. Make cutout holes just big enough to fit con­nec­tors and cables. Posi­tion access points direct­ly behind where the wall mount­ed tele­vi­sion will hide them.

Route Wires Down Wall

Feed fish tape down from the back of your mount­ed tele­vi­sion, through your wall mount kit if it has a chan­nel, then into the wall access holes. Care­ful­ly pull con­nec­tor cables and wires down through the holes, leav­ing plen­ty of slack behind the wall to allow for adjust­ments.

Hide Wires in Conduit

If you need to hide the cords and plugs in con­duit, do the fol­low­ing. With­in the wall, bun­dle wires neat­ly using cable ties and plas­tic con­duit tub­ing. This neat­ly con­tains all wiring down the inside of the wall where it’s ful­ly con­cealed from sight. Use con­duit pieces to bridge any gaps between stud bays.

Patch Drywall Holes

Once all cables are rout­ed and con­cealed with­in the wall, patch over access holes using dry­wall com­pound and tape. Care­ful­ly mud and sand until flush with exist­ing wall sur­face. Prime and paint over patch­es to match your wall. Allow paint to ful­ly dry before mount­ing the tele­vi­sion.

Attach TV & Accessories

With wires rout­ed clean­ly behind the scenes, mount your tele­vi­sion accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er’s instruc­tions. For even clean­er con­cealed wires, con­sid­er mount­ing oth­er acces­sories like stream­ing devices or cable box­es on the back of the tele­vi­sion or direct­ly to the wall mount.

Alternative Ways to Hide Wall Mounted TV Wires

If cut­ting into dry­wall to embed wires is out of the ques­tion, con­sid­er these alter­na­tive options for hid­ing tv wires with a bit more cre­ativ­i­ty:

Wire Covers

Adhe­sive cord cov­ers, dis­creet race­ways, or wall-col­ored wire chan­nels are easy ways to con­ceal TV wires. Hid­ing cables and cords on a wall mount­ed tv is quite easy if you have wire cov­ers. Affix neat­ly to the wall behind the mount­ed tele­vi­sion.

Behind Furniture

Strate­gi­cal­ly place a media con­sole, shelv­ing unit, or sofa direct­ly under your mount­ed flat screen to hide dan­gling wires ful­ly out of sight.

Inside the Wall

For new con­struc­tion or full remod­els, an in-wall TV box lets you embed all wires com­plete­ly inside the wall for the most seam­less, wire­less look.

FAQs: Hiding TV Wires Behind Wall Mounts

Do I need to cut big holes in my wall?
No, only small access holes between each stud bay are required to feed wires inside the wall. These are then cov­ered up with dry­wall com­pound for con­cealed wires. Also make sure that you choose the right wall mount for your TV.

Where should I mount my TV acces­sories?
Attach­ing stream­ing devices, game con­soles or cable box­es direct­ly to the back of the TV or wall mount makes hid­ing the tv acces­sories eas­i­er.

What about hid­ing pow­er cables?
There are dif­fer­ent ways to hide hdmi cables, exten­sion cordsm and pesky wires. Use flat, low-pro­file pow­er cables paint­ed to match your walls. Affix snug­ly in wire chan­nels or con­duit along the edge of the base­board trim.

Hid­ing tele­vi­sion wires might seem like a daunt­ing task, but with the right tools and tech­nique, you can ful­ly con­ceal cords from a wall mount­ed TV for a clean, seam­less look. Always put safe­ty first by turn­ing off pow­er, find­ing studs, and care­ful­ly rout­ing wires. Fol­low the steps above for pro­fes­sion­al­ly hid­ing cords, cables and wires from your mount­ed flat screen TV.

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