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Welcome to Home Tech Geeks, where custom TV mounting is taken to the next level! We recognize that your home is unique, as are your preferences. Our expert technicians are dedicated to making your idea a reality by mounting your TV in a way that maximizes comfort and boosts the aesthetics of your area.

No project is too difficult for us! We provide a variety of alternatives to meet your needs, from wall-mounted TV screens that blend in with your decor to cutting-edge motorized mounts that give flexibility. Want to install an outside TV for those enjoyable get-togethers? We’ve got your back!

At Home Tech Geeks, we take pride in providing high-quality customized TV mounting services that exceed your expectations. Allow us to alter your home with a customized solution that is as individual as you are. Contact us today, and we’ll work together to make your ideal entertainment setup a reality!


Tailored TV Mounting Solutions for Your Unique Space

Our Custom TV installing Service provides numerous advantages in addition to simply installing your TV. Following are some of the benefits you might anticipate:

Tailored solutions for unique spaces:  We recognize that every home is unique, and we take pleasure in providing personalized solutions to match your particular requirements and tastes.

Enhanced aesthetics and visual appeal: Our professional technicians make certain that your TV is installed in a way that compliments the decor of your house and increases its overall visual appeal.

Maximization of viewing angles and comfort: We work with you to determine the ideal viewing angles and location for your TV, ensuring maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Concealed cables and wires for a clean look: We take care of hiding cables and wires, resulting in a clean and orderly appearance.

Integration with existing audio and visual systems: Our Custom TV Mounting Service can seamlessly integrate with your existing audio and visual systems, providing a cohesive and streamlined entertainment experience.


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FAQs About Our TV Mount Installation Services.

There are many types of TV mounts in the market and which one suits you is based on your choice, the space where the TV will be mounted and the purpose of the space like residential or business etc.

The types of TV mounts that are available on the market include wall mounts, ceiling mounts, table top mounts, floor stands, full-motion mounts, corner mounts, swivel mounts, ceiling recessed mount, portrait/landscape mount, cabinet lift mount, motorized mounts, outdoor mounts, portable mounts, projector mounts, and custom mounts, and some TV manufacturers sell their own brand of TV mounts that are specifically designed to work with their TVs. Get in touch with to understand which of these mounts is suitable for you.

Our process typically involves an initial consultation and assessment of the space, collaborative design and planning, selection of appropriate mounting methods and equipment, preparation of the space and TV for mounting, and installation and calibration of the TV for optimal viewing.

Yes, we can mount TVs on various surfaces including ceilings, floors, and even outdoors. Our team will recommend the best type of mounting solution based on your space and preferences.

Our team uses specialized techniques and equipment to conceal cables and wires, ensuring a clean and clutter-free installation.

We can integrate a variety of audio and visual systems including surround sound speakers, soundbars, projectors, and more. Our team will recommend the best type of integration based on your preferences and needs.

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. We also offer warranties on the equipment and materials used for custom TV mounting installations.

Our pricing for custom TV mounting solutions varies depending on the type of installation and equipment needed. We offer transparent and competitive pricing and will provide a quote before any work is done.

The installation time for a custom TV mounting solution varies depending on the type of installation and complexity of the project. Our team will provide an estimated timeline during the initial consultation.

Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance and support for all of our custom TV mounting installations. We also offer discounted pricing for regular customers.

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