5 Easy Ways To Dismount TV

After get­ting through much of the infor­ma­tion regard­ing mount­ing your TV. There are sev­er­al things one needs to con­sid­er while going through dis­mount­ing your TV. Okay, you might be think­ing to dis­mount the TV is quite an easy task. You unscrew the screw and roll the wires how­ev­er there is much more to it rang­ing from prop­er dis­mount­ing method with­out affect­ing your wall and wire itself.

Undo­ing TV mounts appear more dif­fi­cult than it is because today’s TV mounts are fair­ly stur­dy. It is bet­ter you hire a pro­fes­sion­al TV dis­mount­ing ser­vice to do the job nice­ly and clean­ly. How­ev­er, if you under­stand the risk and are will­ing to try it on your own, with­out hold­ing us respon­si­ble in any man­ner, here is the way it should be done. 

Ways to dismount TV

Wall mounts are made up of two com­po­nents that are con­nect­ed by screws and some­times by a lock. You’ll be able to raise your TV and get it to where it needs to go by remov­ing these com­po­nents. These com­po­nents, how­ev­er, are not as sim­ple as you might believe and should be com­plet­ed in a step-by-step man­ner. Okay, let’s look at some of the ways to dis­mount your TV.

1. Remove all wires from the television

To begin, unplug all of the tele­vi­sion’s cords. This will keep it from get­ting caught when you remove it from the brack­et. Mean­while, make sure there are no hid­den cords plugged in. They can become twist­ed, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult or impos­si­ble to remove the tele­vi­sion from the wall. Fur­ther­more, cords are often tripped over, so take care of them before mov­ing your price­less tele­vi­sion. Pull the pow­er wire from the wall and make sure you don’t leave any attach­ments behind.

2. Remove the security and protection locks.

There are sev­er­al dif­fer­ent types of safe­ty mea­sures to keep your tele­vi­sion in place. There are no locks on any TV mount­ing. If yours does, it might be any of a num­ber of dif­fer­ent lock kinds. The lock could be a basic screw, a lock with a dif­fer­ent type of bar, or a lock with a bar that can be pulled. If you attempt to remove such TV mounts with cau­tion, you risk dam­ag­ing your walls.

How­ev­er, there are dif­fer­ent types of locks that you might be unaware of. Mean­while, there are also many mount­ing tech­niques that might be pret­ty unclear to you. We pro­vide you best pro­fes­sion­al ser­vice which will help you to avoid such trou­ble­some sit­u­a­tions dur­ing mount­ing as well as dis­mount­ing. Pro­fes­sion­al ser­vice can be your major need to pre­vent any prob­lem that occurs while dis­mount­ing your TV.

3. Deattach the screws and remove the mount strings

Fur­ther­more, there are many types of screws that are com­mon when mount­ing a TV, depend­ing on the mount­ing type. Under­stand­ing the details of which screw or mount strings are on your tele­vi­sion is essen­tial. Stringed mounts have a spring lock built into the mount. You must pre­vent the acti­va­tion of the lock. For unscrew­ing and remov­ing the mount strings one def­i­nite­ly needs prop­er help or a skilled pro­fes­sion­al. Hence, HTG could be your true com­pan­ion.

4. Dismount Your TV From the Walls

It’s now time to detach the tele­vi­sion from the wall. Also, dou­ble-check that your tele­vi­sion is free of all screws and strings. Also, depend­ing on the size of your TV, if you’re dis­mount­ing it by your­self, you’ll need a sec­ond per­son to assist you. So far, you’ve been able to detach and safe­guard your TV, but a por­tion of the mount is still remain­ing to dis­mount. Once you’ve gained con­trol of the tele­vi­sion, care­ful­ly place it face down on the spec­i­fied soft sur­face to avoid scratch­ing the screen.

5. Remove the mount on the walls

Final­ly, and maybe most impor­tant­ly, this is the last phase. When remov­ing the mount from the walls, use cau­tion. You might want to remove the mount so that you can use your wall for some­thing else, or even con­sid­er mount­ing anoth­er TV on there. Make a detailed plan for what you’ll put on your wall in the future. In addi­tion, if you decide not to uti­lize the mount with­out the TV, the sec­ond mount com­po­nent will be an emp­ty encum­brance on your wall. If you wish to get rid of it, just use the same tech­niques you did to get rid of the rest of the mount. If the screws aren’t giv­ing much pres­sure, remove them and drop the mount.

Advantages of Dismounting TV From Professional

  • Pro­fes­sion­als take care of every detail, includ­ing care­ful­ly unscrew­ing screws, safe­ly remov­ing cables, and ensur­ing that screws or oth­er com­po­nents do not go miss­ing.
  • A skilled tech­ni­cian will dis­mount your TV in a clean­er way. They will make sure your wall or any por­tion of your room will not get messy.
  • You will not face any hic­cups while dis­mount­ing your TV if you take help from pro­fes­sion­als.
  • Anoth­er major advan­tage is the prop­er safe­ty of your tele­vi­sion. If you use a pro­fes­sion­al they will take care of every small detail regard­ing safe­ly dis­mount­ing your TV.
  • Mean­while, hir­ing pros will ensure that your mounts are secure for your future TV mount­ing project. Also, whether you’re replac­ing your TV or dis­mount­ing your present mount for a stronger one, you’ll get the right advice.


When you are think­ing of dis­mount­ing your TV, gen­er­al­ly there are 5 steps. How­ev­er, the steps might be more or less as per the mount­ing tech­niques and loca­tion. Most impor­tant­ly, mount­ing and dis­mount­ing are quite trou­ble­some and del­i­cate tasks. Wrong mount­ing and dis­mount­ing tech­niques can total­ly ham­per your walls and tele­vi­sion. Hence, fol­low every step for prop­er dis­mount­ing.