Smart Home Services

Home Tech Geeks is arguably the best and most competent smart home service in Dallas, Texas

The Services includes

Smart Locks

Install, setup, connect, configure and customize your smart door lock.

Smart Thermostat

In terms of saving money and energy, smart thermostats are well worth the cost.

Smart Doorbell

Install a smart door bell in your home.

Security Surveillance

Know what’s happening in your home with smart cameras.

Smart Lights

Install, setup smart lights in your home.Convenience & power savings.

Same Day Services
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Home Tech Geeks offers the best smart home to the residents of  Dallas  Fort-worth Metro Plex in Texas.  
Do you have a hectic schedule? Are you looking for someone who can provide the affordable, same-day best smart home services without your time being affected. 
Well! Don’t worry!! HTG has qualified technicians with ample experience who can make things happen to you. In fact, we offer the best solution to your problem. Our services include wire hiding, TV Mounting, TV Dismount and Audio System Setup. To sum up, the HTG technicians provide proper training & consultation.   

Whenever you entrust Smart Services with your home, you can count on our professional specialists to give you with excellent assistance and guidance.


To begin, we will listen to your issue and assign a knowledgeable and skilled team of technicians to provide you with excellent Smart Home support.


Please keep us in mind!! whenever you have a need for your smart home service. In addition, we provide high-quality service the same day, 

At Home Tech Geeks, we guarantee you the best Smart Home services at an affordable price, such as repair services to save you time and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our experts employ cutting-edge technology that is both seasoned and results-oriented. We also offer high-quality smart doors, smart locks, smart monitoring, and a variety of additional services.

The Best Service Provider at Dallas​

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What is Smart Home?

It refers to a typical home with internet-connected appliances, lighting, and other equipment that can be monitored and managed remotely.

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Is it feasible to build for such services on a budget?

Yes, smart houses are within reach. Smart homes, on the other hand, were once considered a luxury. Setting up your smart home is easier than ever, but picking the proper smart home system to integrate your gadgets and have them communicating to each other is the most difficult task a homeowner faces today.


What is the reliability of a home automation system?

Basic home automation systems will send an order out and assume that it will be carried out. More advanced home automation systems, on the other hand, will issue a command first and then wait for a response.

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Is it necessary for me to make my entire house smart?

It is not essential to make your entire house smart. You must first prioritize all of your alternatives before deciding whether to invest in a full-fledged home automation system or in individual smart devices.

Home Tech Geeks adds value with it's Smart Home Service

Smart Home Service

Provides affordable same day services

Smart Locks

Set, adjust, and personalize your smart door lock by setting it up, connecting it, and configuring it.

Smart Thermostat
It is well worth the investment in terms of saving resources and money.

Smart Doorbell

Incorporate a smart doorbell into your residence. 

Security Surveillance

With smart cameras, you can keep an eye on what’s going on in your home.

Smart Lights

In your home, install and configure smart lights. It’s convenient and it saves you money on electricity.

Count on the qualified technicians at Home Tech Geeks to provide a professional experience that supports your business, whether you need an emergency repair today or are looking for preventative solutions and managed services

Smart Home Services

Why Choose Us?


Same Day Service

You would like to have prompt action on the problem. Professionals at Home Tech Geeks don't let problems to persist for long time. We are committed to provide exceptional customer service experience to you.


Affordable Pricing

Are you worrying about budget? It's not costly. Trust us!! Home Tech Geeks provide quality service at affordable price. We address your burning problem regarding setting up of home theater system at your place.

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Qualified Experts

Home Tech Geeks ensures the expert follow proper etiquete at your place. We believe in quality and polite behavior. In addition to this, we provide quality service and address your burning problems with our expertise.


Extended Service Hours

We stay untill the task is accomplished. Our experts won't be in hurry to complete the task. We pay attention to the fine details and analyze problems at depth. Furthermore, we do in-depth research of your area and suggest you possible placements of home theater systems.