iPhone Features-10 Features You Need To Know

Even if you routinely use your iPhone, you may be unaware of its many features and statistics. Most people are unaware of some iPhones features that are really handy. Furthermore, iPhone features provide users with a great deal of convenience. People become naive to what new features occur when subsequent versions get increased capabilities. To assist […]

iPhone Vs Others: 8 reasons why iPhone is better

iPhone vs. Others is the decade’s most heated dispute. There is always a competition to see who can make the greatest and most user-friendly version. It all comes down to equipment and software optimization when it comes to defining phones. At comparable price points, iPhones are often speedier and smoother than competing phones. However, we […]

All You Wanna Know About iPhone Screen Repair

What could be more distressing than a shattered iPhone screen? My premium iPhone’s screen has already been routinely shattered in the past. After breaking my screen numerous times, and fixing them with different iPhone technicians, I’ve learned a few things to consider during iPhone screen repair which I am going to share in this article […]