Wire Hiding-8 Easiest Tricks Everyone Should Follow

Wire hiding is one of the most underappreciated tasks of any home. A mess of cables deprives the appearance of your home. Meanwhile, there are different techniques for proper wire hiding. Today we will talk about some of the easiest ways for wire hiding.

Recently one of my friends built a lavish villa with tons of decorations, big rooms, and pleasing lighting. However, the mess of wires completely ruined the aesthetic of his entire villa. Hence, wire hiding is pretty important mainly for proper pleasing to-eye appearance and also to avoid any damage to wires. Let us first talk about a few important aspects of wire hiding.

Importance of wire hiding

Here are some of the notable importance of hiding wire.

  • Wire hiding makes your home organized and tidy.
  • Wire hiding will aid in maintaining proper communication. Additionally, it will safeguard your equipment from airflow obstructions produced by disorganized wiring.
  • It is resistant to dampness, chemical reactions, and smoke.
  • There is no danger of fire or mechanical breakdown.
  • There is no danger of degradation of cable insulation.

Easiest Tricks to hide wires at your home

After getting many questions on some of the best ways to hide messed wires in our home. We have listed the 10 easiest tricks to conceal wires in your home

Secure the lines to the furniture’s back:

Furniture is a major asset in any home. Moreover, furniture can also be an excellent source one can use to hide the wires of your home. As furniture covers a broad surface and has handles as well as a large back surface, one could use cord clips to tie the wire on furniture surfaces. Meanwhile, it can be an excellent source to hide your wires with less complexion.

Conceal TV cables behind the wall

Another excellent way to conceal TV cables is by placing your television cable behind the walls. Many of us habit have mounted and set up the television in the wrong way. In addition, many people also claim the TV lines as messed up. Hence, for proper management of the wires of the television one could place it behind the wall. Meanwhile, the ideal way to hide the wires of a wall-mounted TV is to use a recessed cable plate to hide them behind the wall itself.

However, good TV mounting and installation aid the concealing process. As a result, professional assistance is always the best option, as this can be rather difficult.

Keep your power socket hidden

Every wire’s major attraction is the power socket. It’s possible to think of it as having a wire heart. Additionally, try lifting the strip off the ground to keep all those plugs hidden. The backs of most power strips have holes that can be hung on the wall with a few screws or nails. Meanwhile, a power strip placed directly beneath the base of your entertainment center fills the gap between the furniture and the wall.

Use your baseboard Accessories to conceal the wire

One of the unknown ways to solve the problem of messy wires is to use baseboard accessories to hide the wire. Moreover, you can snake the wires to your baseboard accessories. In addition, strip off the sticky covering of a channel, place the rear of the channel on a baseboard, and then run an ethernet connection. Meanwhile, the baseboard cord channels can be painted to match any interior design aesthetic.

Make a cable label

Have you noticed a variety of colored labels in various homes and are unsure what they are for?
If you want to take it a step further, you may purchase printable labels that will help you identify which power line is which, for example. Furthermore, if you, like me, are always plugging in new devices, this is extremely useful. The printable cables have a distinctive appearance and can be hidden due to their printed aesthetics.

Install new power outlets or HDMI connectors behind your devices

If you choose to place your TV on the wall, the hanging wires will be visible from the start. Additionally, using TV power plugs and ports behind the TV and your electrical gadget might be wonderful solution to disguise your wires. In the meanwhile, you may hire an electrician to add a power outlet or HDMI ports to the wall.

Use a variety of cord covers

Do you want to conceal your wire with something that blends in with the rest of the decor in your room? Cord covers can be a good method to hide your wires. A cord cover’s goal is to hide your wire so that it doesn’t look messy. Second, it protects your cable from excessive airflow, which could cause problems. Finally, different colored chord wires exactly fit the beauty of your room.

Make use of cable sleeves

I have a friend who keeps on tieing all the wires due to messiness. However, one of the best accessories to avoid such a mess of tieing your wires can be the use of cable sleeves. It helps you to gather all the stray cords dangling from your desk Cable sleeves allow the wires to corral them into one larger one and minimize disruption. Additionally, cable wraps eliminate the need for excessive wire binding. Cable sleeves, on the other hand, ensure adequate binding and wire safety.


Wire hiding is necessary but can be a quite troublesome process. However, one needs to be pretty conscious of how to use different items or conceal your wire technically and professionally. Hence, it’s always the best idea to take professional help for proper work management and time management.

Hometech Geeks provide professional TV wire hiding service with the use of the appropriate tools and drills, as well as a well-trained and experienced team that provides outstanding service. Contact us for same-day speedy and dependable service.

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