Ways To Mount A TV On the Wall Without Studs

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After addressing mounting a television above a fireplace and on drywall, ways to mount a TV on a wall without studs have become a popular topic. Studs are the vertical elements that make up the majority of a wall’s frame. However, studs are necessary for a wall’s structural stability.

Walls with studs, therefore, give your structure structural stability. Without studs, mounting a TV on the wall is fairly difficult. You can attach your wall without studs in a variety of ways.

While mounting a tv on a wall most people generally go for drywall and wall with studs. However, a wall without studs can be pretty much troublesome. You need to consider the following aspects to mount a TV on the wall without studs.

Ways to Mount TV on the wall without studs

Anchors, toggle anchors, mounting plates, ceiling mounts, and other mounting techniques are essential to mounting a TV without studs. Of course, before making your decision, you must consider the size and weight of your TV.

In order to determine which of the above choices is ideal for you as well as how your home and TV will influence your choice, read on and learn more.

Make use of anchors

The simplest methods for hanging anything on the walls without a stud are anchors. Additionally, when making a mount point without a wall stud behind it, drywall anchors are essential.  These function in various ways to prevent screws from coming out of their holes or causing other drywall damage. 

Anchors come in different types. It includes toggle anchors and molly bolts.

A toggle bolt, commonly referred to as a butterfly anchor, is a fastener used to hang items on drywall or other hollow walls. Additionally, toggle anchors are a wonderful choice for mounting a TV on a wall without studs. They enter your wall directly and anchor themselves in the rear.

Molly bolts help to secure heavy things to voids in walls. They typically comprise the anchor, the bolt or screw, and a pointed end that is essential to aid in insertion. Another excellent choice is molly bolts, albeit they require a little more work to install. If given the option, use pointed molly bolts because they are simpler to install and don’t require you to first drill an installation hole.

Take help from a technician

Another useful but neglected aspect while mounting your tv on a wall is choosing a proper technician. Yes, there are pretty different ways to insert a mount on a wall with studs. However, without a proper technician tv mounts on any surface can get tougher. Meanwhile, the technician will not only ensure that your TV is mounted on a wall without studs but also suggest different other techniques to mount your TV on a wall without studs. Also, the technician will look into your respective walls and locate them looking at every small aspect of your wall.

The challenging aspect is setting it up correctly after selecting the appropriate installation arrangement and mounting setups. Every household’s main issue is a problem that arises during the installation of such devices. These gadgets require qualified human resources. Home Tech Geeks offers expert TV mounting services as a result. Our service makes sure that there is adequate mounting, safe handling of the wires, and advice. In addition, we help you find the best TV mount and recommend a good arrangement based on your preferences, location, and overall room design.

Using a mounting plate

Devices can be mounted over a larger electrical enclosure or a wall hole using a mounting plate. Furthermore, a mounting plate is a suitable option for putting a television without studs. Mounting plates provide the anchors the ability to add more anchors and make it easier for them to support the weight of the television, increasing the mount’s security.

Additionally, a mounting plate in conjunction with the anchors is a suitable option. The most common material for mounting plates is metal, however, plywood can also be used to create them. This can make it easier for your anchors to lift the TV and provide you the chance to add more anchors, strengthening the mount.

Doing a ceiling mount

The ceiling mount is a new trend while talking about the different locations to mount TV, If you have a wall without any studs ceiling wall can be your best companion.

You can install your TV on beams in your ceiling if they are there. Just as effective are joists. Although you won’t really need studs, both of these actually serve the same purpose in the mounting process as studs do. In this situation, take into account the height of your ceiling and the mass of your TV. This method of placing a TV might not be worthwhile if your ceiling is really high.

Although it might take longer and not always be possible, almost all ceilings feature beams or joists, which serve the same purpose as studs. Your home’s architecture will determine whether you need longer screws to reach joists, and those joists may be farther apart than you expect.

Things to consider while mounting the TV on the wall without studs

Here are certain things to consider while mounting the TV on the wall without studs.

  • Use Right Some Kind TV MOUNT. The top TV mounts on the market are listed here. Click here
  • Be mindful of the weight of the TV and the state of the wall.
  • Professional technician and use of the best device to mount your TV.
  • Understand your wall and also try to use long-term mounting methods rather than switching more often.


TV mounting on the wall without studs is definitely a challenging task. However, using some precautions and the best tv mounting service providers such as Home Tech Geeks will definitely avoid the complications that are generally caused by mounting a tv on the wall without studs. Meanwhile, choosing the right technicians with the proper mounting method will definitely avoid the complications that people may face during mounting tv on walls without studs.

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