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A lot of people want to install their television on the wall. Most people put it off off because they are unsure of the tools, process needed to mount TV on the wall. Mounting your television will save space, improve its appearance, and provide a more comfortable viewing experience. In this article we will provide the list of Tools for TV Mount necessary to your TV at home/office.

If you are handy with tools and have completed some experience with home improvement projects in the past, you might be able to mount your TV yourself. However we recommend that you use a professional tv mounting services if you don’t understand what you are doing. Professional TV Mounters make sure your TV is positioned correctly, viewing angles are set well, TV is sturdy. If you comfortable with giving it a try, keep reading to find the tools needed to install a television on the wall. The response to this question can differ slightly depending on wall type. 

TV Mounting is not rocket science but there are some tips and tricks that you need to properly mount your tv along with the right tools. Here are the list of tools that are needed often and in general for mounting a TV on the wall: 

  • Wall mount kit 
  • Cord cover
  • Power drill and appropriate bit
  • Level or phone level app
  • Painter’s tape
  • Large sheet of cardboard or paper
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Socket wrench with appropriate head
  • Safety goggles
  • Hollow wall anchors
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Screwdrivers

Although these are some of the general and most used tools needed for TV mounting; It is not a comprehensive list, there might be several tools and equipment necessary base on different types of TV. Reach out to your nearest TV mounting company if you find yourself missing anything. 

Moreover, There are certain tools that can be necessary for customized wall types as well. This means that the tools can vary based on the wall types, tv and the mounting bracket itself. For example, some mounting brackets require special tools for adjusting the mounting brackets. Without further due let’s dive deep into the tools and why they are need. 

Special tools needed for mounting TV on different types of wall:

Dry Wall specific tools

Stud finder is required while mounting a TV on a Dry Wall. As you need to find the studs behind the wall to attach the TV bracket safely. Stud finder is an essential tool for Dry Wall Mounting. It helps you identify where the wood studs are.

Brick Wall specific tools

To mount a TV on a Brick Wall you will require hammer drills. You will need masonry bits of various sizes to mount the TV on a brick wall. The masonry bit should be of width similar or smaller than the wall anchor used with the TV brackets. Similarly, Carbide-tipped masonry bits can also be used as standard drill bits are not strong enough to penetrate the brick and will break the brick.

Concrete Wall specific tools

For concrete wall type Concrete sleeve anchor or Tapcon concrete screws are required to mount the TV.  This will help to fasten the mounting bracket more safely and securely. Also masonry bits and hammer drills are necessary for drilling in the concrete. 

Wall Mounting Tools Description 

Every  tool has its own specific feature and purposes in wall mount installation. Assembling all the required tools before starting the mounting process can make your work a lot quick and easy. For efficient mounting, it’s essential to know all the tools and how they are used. Therefore to make your mounting simple and easy, we have listed the list of few TV mounting tools with brief descriptions on how to use them in the TV mounting process:

Stud Finder

Stud finder is one of the essential tools required for TV mounting in drywall. Most of the mounting we encounter are drywall TV mounting. As you need to find the studs behind the wall to attach the TV bracket more safely, stud finder is an essential tool to simplify tv mounting. It helps you identify where the wood studs are behind the wall to secure the mount in the stud. 

Power drill and bits. 

Power drills are needed for two main purposes during the TV mounting process: drilling holes, installing the screws to the wall. Every TV mount needs a hole of a diameter less than or equal to the size of the screws to insert the screws in the wall. For this, we need drill bits of varying size to adjust to any screw size that comes with the mount.

Second use of the power drills are screwing in the bolts to the wall. You can use universal socket adapters or special attachments for your bolt to easily push the bolt in the wall and secure your mounts.


Level of either 3-foot or 5-foot (or of specific size) is essential to make sure the TV is leveled both horizontally and vertically. Small levels can also be used but the levels should be measured at multiple places to validate the mount is leveled properly. 

Socket wrench with various socket size

Socket Wrench are used to fasten the mount brackets to the wall using bolts. The socket wrench are also used for dismounting TVs and adjusting the mount bracket settings like tilt, extension arms, etc.

Safety goggles. 

Safety Goggles are always important and the most general tool to always protect your eyes from any damage while working on projects involving power tools. The drill 

Wall Plate / Stud Spanner

A wall plate or stud spanner is required instead of a stud finder in case there isn’t a stud in the exact right spot. Along with that also consider getting some screws. 

Cord Cover

Cord Covers are generally used to hide the wires that get shown after you mount your TV on the wall. As these wires might seem to look messy and unmanaged, cord covers can help you cover them up for a much cleaner look.

Hollow Wall Anchors

One of the best ways to hang a TV on the wall without a stud is to use an anchor. They keep the screws from falling out of the holes in the wall or breaking the structure. It has a stable mounting system for flat-screen televisions. Simply drill a hole in the appropriate place, insert the sleeve, and insert the anchor pieces inside it. 


Along with these tools you might require few other small tools and accessories to make your mounting process much easier and reliable. If you find these processes tough and since each mounting situation is unique always reach out to your nearest TV mounting service company for any questions or concerns. It is important and beneficial to keep knowledge about tv mounting in general and use of these general tools but it is not compulsory for you to mount your entire TV yourselves. To ensure that always try to contact a professional TV mounting company near you for TV mount installation services at your home quickly and safely. 

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