Mounting TV: Everything You Need To Know


TV plays an important role in every household. It is one of the main sources of entertainment. Even tho gadgets like mobile phones and laptops are taking over the world, people still prefer to watch TV when they are with their family or friends to watch their favorite shows or movie together.

As everything is advanced nowadays, so is the shape and size of the TV. It has become slimmer and lighter with a bigger screen. And people started developing the concept of home theatre by mounting TV on their walls where they can get movie theatre experience in their own home.

Now it’s very common. TV mounting is an easy job and one can do it by themselves if one makes sure of all the things needed beforehand. However, we suggest you choose a professional TV Mounting service provider to avoid damages and accidents.

Why You Should Mount Your TV

  • TV wall mounting protects your TV from harm or other accidents.
  • It is safer to wall mount a TV than to leave it unmounted on a table.
  • It is a very secure solution and saves a lot of your home space.
  • It makes your room more fashionable.

Choosing The Right Mount

You can choose the right mount based on the size of your TV and your viewing preferences. There are mainly four types of wall mounts to choose from- Fixed, Tilt, Full Motion, and Pull Down.

Fixed Mounts:

Fixed Mounts can be the best option for you if you’re looking for an affordable TV mount without any extra features. This mount doesn’t allow the TV to move or change angles, unlike the other TV mounts.

Tilt Mounts:

A Tilt mount allows you to adjust and move your TV down and up to improve the viewing angle which helps in preventing neck strains and helps to reduce glare from sunlight. This mount is also very affordable and easy to install.

Full Motion Mounts:

A full-motion TV mount is very flexible and versatile as it allows you to change the viewing angle as it will swivel side to side and tilt up and down. This mount is best if you’re mounting your TV in the Living room as it allows you to enjoy the view from all angles i.e. bed, sofa, or couch. In terms of cost, full motion mount is a bit more expensive than fixed and tilt mounts.

Pull Down TV Mounts:

This mount is also known as the Mantel TV mount and is a very advanced and expensive TV mount. You can not only swivel and tilt but also can pull the TV down and bring it to your eye level in front of the fireplace. You can also place it in its original position easily.

Price Ranges

The cost for TV Wall Mounting depends on various things such as the size of the TV, mounting brackets you choose, wall type, and other specific features used. But the average cost ranges from $100-$300. For reference, a professional installation of a 65″ inch TV with a tilting mount would cost about $169 for most homeowners.

Managing the Cords

Nobody wants TV wires around their house. It looks messy and uncomfortable. But there are many ways to take care of the wires. But mostly there are two types of very common methods to hide the wires- wire hiding and wire concealment.

Wire Hiding:

Wire hiding includes the wire behind the wall. You can hide the wire behind the wall by drilling a hole in the wall. You won’t see any wires or stripes outside the wall. This method is time-consuming and expensive.

Wire Concealment:

Wire concealments include concealing the wire outside the wall. you can conceal the wire outside the wall by using stripes or concealer. You will see the stripes outside the wall. This method is easy, takes less time, and is cheaper.

Factors To Consider While Mounting TV

Types of Walls

You have to be very careful about your wall type while mounting a TV. First, you have to identify your wall type. The most common types of walls are regular drywall, brick, tile, and concrete.

It’s easy to mount on regular drywall but you should know you can’t mount on drywall alone, it is backed by metal or wood studs where you actually mount the TV. And when mounting a TV on brick, concrete, or tile you have to be extra careful not to damage the wall as these types of walls are very vulnerable to the tools you use.

Types of TV

You have to consider many things while buying a new TV for your home such as pricing, the brand of the TV, and the size to fit perfectly in your home. Then only it suits perfectly in your room. However, any modern TV is suitable to mount on the wall, you just have to pick the best choice for you. Some of the best brand TV are Samsung, LG, Sony, and TCL.


First, you should know how you want to watch a TV to choose the best place to mount it. For that, you can begin by sitting in your favorite spot and calculating the distance and price accordingly. Also, you have to consider the electrical outlet, it should be near the place you want to you mount your TV.

If you want to mount your TV above the fireplace, you have to be extra careful as it will be hot and it’s not good for TV so you have to seek the help of professionals to choose the best spot above the fireplace where heat won’t reach and affect your TV.

Types of Tools

There are many tools that you can’t miss because you cannot mount your TV without them. Tools like stud’s finder, carpenter’s level, pencil, power drills, and bits help you to make your TV stronger and more reliable on the wall.


At last, if your TV is taking up too much of your room space and you desire a well-organized, modern, and clean home, you should definitely go for TV mounting. It will make your house more beautiful. If you are still confused and not sure if you can mount your TV on your own consider a professional TV mounting service company that can provide you with top-notch technicians for the safety of your wall and TV. Mount your TV and enjoy the view.

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