The Best TV mounts of 2023

TV mounts are unquestionably a popular trend. With so many people switching from a tv stand to a TV mount, it’s only reasonable that different styles of mounts will become popular from time to time. This year, as television installation has become increasingly popular, there are a variety of specific mounts that are both popular and fashionable.

Choosing a mount necessitates a number of considerations. It depends on the size of your TV, the position you want it, the type of wall you have, and the overall look of your home. As specialists in TV mounting services in Dallas, we recommend you take the following points into consideration while selecting the best mount for your TV.

As a result, picking a setup for a novice who is unfamiliar with the many devices available on the market can be difficult. Because it is constantly being updated, more research is being done, and it is becoming more and more sophisticated. Hence, you must know which one is the most current and suitable for you. As a result, we’ll go through all of the top TV mounts for 2022 today. The tv mounting is present below is of variety of mounting options and arrangements.

Some of the Best TV mounts

Following are some of the best tv mounts for you to buy in 2022.

1. VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount for 32 to 70-inch Screens

So, with increment trends in TV mounting, mounting on surfaces like a ceiling is quite popular. Vivo Electric Ceiling TV mount can be your favorite for your ceiling. With good durability and support, it has been marked as one of the best in the market.

One of the main characteristics of the RF remote is its radio frequency and configurable memory settings. For pleasant viewing angles and clearing space, it offers a height adjustment, a 0° to -75° tilt, and a +2° to -2° screen leveling.
Furthermore, it has the ability to move around the room. It supports some heavy television in the markets with amazing sturdiness. One of its main features is its ease of construction and amazing comfort in keeping your television safe.

2. Mounting Dream UL Listed TV Mount

This product is one of the best sellers and most recommended for 37-70 inch TV. One of its best features is supporting up to 24’’ wood stud spacing. With proper style, the setup also provides limited space to your walls. This will ensure a 1. 5″ flush profile and low profile, this wall mount TV bracket considerably reduces space requirements while maintaining a contemporary look.

One of the fantastic features is a level and decently written three-step easy installation TV mount. TV mounts are not just for dry walls. Additional concrete anchors are provided in the interim by the Mounting Dream team.

The addition feature mounting dream comes with everything you need, but it only works with concrete or wood stud installations, not drywall. Both M6 and M8 TV screws are included in the kit.

With choosing the right type of installation setup and mounting setups the hard part is setting it up properly. The major problem of every household is a problem that comes while setting up such devices. These devices need professional human resources. Hence, Home Tech Geeks provides professional TV mounting services. Our service ensures that there is no mismanagement of wires, proper and safe mounting, and proper consultation. We also ensure you choose the right TV mount and suggest you a favorable setup depending on your budget, location, and overall room aesthetics.

3. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 

The above-mentioned mount bracket is popular on the market, and it’s also one of the best ones. The device, which is made of stainless steel, can support televisions up to 75 inches. This bracket’s simplicity in assembly is one of its key benefits. Professional human resources are not required. However, since mistakes in management could happen when utilizing such mounts, using a technician could always be helpful. Echogear offers compatible 16″ studs as well as new and better 24″ studs at the moment.

With this attached bracket, your TV is safer. Large full-motion TV wall mounts can support more weight than their single-stud equivalents because two studs fix them. In our top-secret lab, we tested Echogear to hold 4 times as much weight as it can readily support. With Echogear, you also receive a simple, 3-step installation process that makes this do-it-yourself project simple and quick.

4. Sanus Super Low Profile MLL11-B1 TV Wall Mount

With great features and great reviews when it comes to tv mounting, Sanus’s super low profile has established itself as a good wall mount in the market. Compatible up to 37 inches, Sanus supports a large TV size up to 80 inches. Also, this version can hold a tv up to 132 lbs.

Some characteristics of an ultra-low profile include the TV is only 1.84 inches high thanks to a super-low-profile design “out of the wall. TV is securely fastened to the wall by a locking mechanism with quick release. Additionally, post-installation horizontal shift allows you to exactly place your TV between up to 24” wood studs. Sanus features a feature called lateral shift for precise positioning and wall-centeredness.

5. Rocketfish – Low-Profile Tilting Wall Mount

When watching in a light-filled space, a tilting TV mount can be helpful. People today prefer to watch their TV from a variety of angles. Your greatest option when looking for TV mounts may be the Rocketfish tilting TV mount.
Up to 75-inch television is supported by the Rocketfish. It can support a 130-pound TV in the interim. Its 2-inch low profile prevents your TV from protruding too far from the wall, and it provides a quick-release option for accessing the ports on the back of your TV. It is substantial and equipped with the right hardware for a secure wall attachment.

It is substantial and equipped with the right hardware for a secure wall attachment. If you are missing the screws or bolts that come with your television, don’t worry—the mount will arrive with a replacement that will probably fit. It has a range of additional hardware to attach the television.


When it comes to proper devices for mounting or proper wall mounting, we have mentioned some of the best in the market. However, it’s the best way to choose a tv mounting service provider like HTG that could help you to choose the best TV mounts and also set your mounting in a more secure way.

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