iPhone Features-10 Features You Need To Know

Even if you routinely use your iPhone, you may be unaware of its many features and statistics. Most people are unaware of some iPhones features that are really handy. Furthermore, iPhone features provide users with a great deal of convenience.

People become naive to what new features occur when subsequent versions get increased capabilities. To assist you in navigating the new update, we’ve developed a list of tips and tactics that can help you be more productive and simplify your life. Of course, we’ve included some classic iPhone tips and techniques that have been around for a long time.

Some of the iPhone Amazing Features

Here are some of the best iPhone features most people are unable to know.

1. You can take pictures with Earpods

This is one of the iPhone’s most wonderful features. Your Apple iPhone, as well as your Earpods, can be used to take images. Furthermore, certain branded headphones support the same features on the iPhone. To begin, plug in your Apple earbuds or any other headset. Then go to your camera app and open it. After that, select a photo object. Finally, to take a picture, press the volume button on your earpods and headset.

2. Put a timer on the music

One of the best iPhone features is the ability to set a music timer. Furthermore, this feature is very handy for someone who wishes to listen to music before going to bed. Furthermore, employing a timer keeps your device from losing battery life while you sleep. Use the Clock App to set Apple Music Sleep Timers. Select a sleep timer to assist you in turning off the music when you go to bed.

3. The camera on your iPhone helps to scan text

The text scanning feature on the iPhone camera is fantastic. You can also use the iPhone’s Camera app to scan text.

Select a note or create a new one in Notes. Press and hold the Camera button. To begin scanning a document in Notes, hit the Camera button, then tap the Scan Documents Scan document icon.
In front of the camera, place your document. Your document will be scanned automatically if your device is set to Auto mode. Tap the shutter release if you need to manually capture a scan. To scan, press the Shutter button or one of the Volume buttons. After that, move the corners of the scan to make it match the page, then tap Keep Scan.

4. Remove annoying ads

When you are visiting the internet, you may encounter a lot of annoying advertisements. You have the option to turn off the obnoxious adverts on your iPhone. Go to Settings on your iPhone and enable Block Pop-ups and Fraudulent Website Warning. You will be able to delete ad pop-ups as a result of this.

5. One can silence unknown callers

Okay, if you are in a meeting, office, or college you want to silence the calls. Moreover, when it is from an unknown caller you definitely silent the call. To enable Silence Unknown Callers, go to Settings => Phone, scroll down to Silence Unknown Callers, and enable it. Unknown callers are silenced and routed to your voicemail.

6. Close browser tabs automatically

It’s also one of the most intriguing aspects of this. On the iPhone, open the Phone Settings app. Then, from the settings menu, choose the Safari app. Scroll down to the Tabs area and select the Close Tab option. Then you may relax and enjoy the convenience of automatically closing browser tabs.

7. Create a group FaceTime call, and personalize text messages

A Group FaceTime chat in the FaceTime app can have up to 32 participants. This may not be available in all nations or regions, though. These features are especially useful if you have a joint family and are apart. Tap New FaceTime towards the top of the screen in FaceTime. In the top field, type the names or phone numbers of the people you want to call. You may also access Contacts and add contacts from there by tapping the Add Contact icon. Alternatively, you can tap suggested contacts from your phone history.

8. Set a screen time limit on your iPhone

You can regulate your app usage, plan time away from your smartphone, and more using Screen Time. Any of these settings can be changed or turned off at any time. Screen Time allows you to disable apps and notifications for periods of time when you wish to disconnect from your devices. You could wish to arrange breaks between meals or before bedtime, for example. If you haven’t already, go to Settings => Screen Time and set it on. Then, tap Downtime, and turn it on. Finally, choose from Every Day or Customize Days, and then enter the start and end times.

9. You can track your iPhone even if it is turned off.

This feature comes in handy if you misplace your iPhone. Many people misplace their iPhone and are unable to locate it since it is off. The current iPhone version allows you to track your device. The new setting, which is turned on by default, can be found under Settings => Apple ID=> Find My => Find My iPhone. When Find My Network is enabled, you can use the Find My app to locate your iPhone even if it isn’t turned on.

10. Offload unused apps

One of the nicest iPhone features is the ability to offload unused apps. Meanwhile, after a period of inactivity, it will automatically uninstall apps you don’t use. Furthermore, this feature will enable, if your phone detects that it is running out of space.


iPhone provides you with the luxury of pretty interesting features. Meanwhile, as iPhone is pretty much in trend nowadays, people focus on different features which will make their day-to-day activities convenient.

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