Home Theatre System-All you Wanna Know

It is self-evident that people resort to movies these days. As a result, installing a Home Theater System should be a priority in every home. We’ve compiled a list of things to think about while setting up a home theater system, which we’ll discuss later in the post.

A home theater system is a set of electrical components to replicate the experience of watching a movie in a theater. A home theater is an entertainment option that gives watching TV and movies at home an extra delight. As experts in home theater installation services, here is a brief run down of things you should be doing while selecting your home theater system. 

Uses of Home Theatre System

Here are some of the notable uses of the home theatre system.

1. From the comfort of your own home, one can see a movie of theater-quality

Home Theater allows you to enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, it allows you to skip the inconvenience of traveling to a movie theater and watching films. Meanwhile, it allows you to select the appropriate setting accessories in the comfort of your own house, as well as the usage of light and food.

2. Home Theatre allows you to watch series, cartoons, games and all

Watching the only movie in your home theatre sounds boring, doesn’t it? The entertainment medium has increased and revolutionized. Hence, one also dreams of watching his/her favorite tv shows, and football games on the theatre-like screen. Hence, a home theatre can be the perfect place to watch your favorite series of games.

3. Home Theatre is totally under your control

You may be one whose timing doesn’t match with movie theatre timings. Also, your food preferences may not match with things allowed in cinema halls. Hence, home theatre allows you to control the entire movie-watching experience under your control. One can take a rest, and pause their movies in between eating anything under their own control.

4. Adjust sound screen brightness

I have met a lot of people with problems with a loud sound, and brightness. Hence, one cannot control these aspects if you are watching her favorite movie in theatres. Hence, one can adjust the sound and screen ratio from their own control in the home theatre.

5. Saves money and time

One of the most important uses of home theatre is that it saves money and time. There are many movies that we want to watch but after watching them it’s not worth the money. Hence, home theatre allows you to choose the movie and back out if it’s not worth it. It also allows you to save money and time

Materials required for Home Theatre

Here are some of the general requirements for a home theatre.

1. Lighting

When it comes to the Home Theater, lighting plays a vital role. Theaters should have presence of very ambient lighting. So that spending time in it would not be harmful to one’s eyes. On the other hand, Lighting may improve the look and feel of your home theater. If you are trying to create a room with minimal visual distractions, the amount of ambient light should be very carefully maintained to enhance the design and decor of the theater. Here are the techniques to choose the lighting that needs to be set.

i) Color Temperature

ii) Color Rendering Index (CRI)

iii) Indirecting Lighting

2. Types of wall

Another thing that needs to be considered while setting up a Home Theater System is the types of walls that ought to be constructed. To construct a wall, you should be very well aware of the various types of walls. In the case of Home Theater, walls can be chosen on various factors such as Sound Absorption Material, Foundation, and Floors, The Wall Framing, Wall dumping, and absorption, etc. After proper determination, the ideal measurement is the critical aspect

3. Audios and Wires

Furthermore, while dealing with Home Theater systems, placing your speaker, TVs, Audios & wires should also be very much considered. A movie is incomplete without a touch of perfect sound on it. The Speakers should neither be highly audible nor not audible at all and when it comes to placing the speaker, it must be placed in every direction of the halls. For an instance, if I were to set up a home theater system, I would place the speaker on the left and right sides of the screen, and in all four directions where seats are placed. Similarly, If I were to charge my phone, the switches would be placed on the two adjacent sides of the seats. 

4. Floor Spacing

After dealing with the placement of speakers, TVs, Audios & wires, Floor Spacing is a must. A theater must be very spacious as nobody like to watch movies in the hall alone. You either want to watch it with your family or your friends, which means there is going to be the involvement of a lot of people. So, maintaining floor space is critical. Likewise, you can always twist up the floor with some tiles, marble, carpets, rugs, etc. depending upon your taste in interior design.

Mold can definitely mess up your house due to coldness. Moisture Growth can however be controlled if the proper techniques are used. Because your home theater will most likely be dark and chilly, keep an eye out for potential mold development sources. It may be beneficial to use a dehumidifier to remove extra moisture from the air.

5. Proper Ventilation

Equipment Ventilation is another major factor to set up a Home Theater System. The majority of the time, home theater design focuses on limiting the amount of light and sound that enters and exits the space. As a result, home theaters require well-sealed spaces. Although windows are necessary for all rooms of a new home, mechanical ventilation is usually a better alternative than natural ventilation.

Meanwhile, properly installing a home theatre system is a challenging task. As there are many material devices you require to control the home theatre system professional manpower is highly essential. Hence, home tech geeks can solve your problem of setting up a home theatre system at your home


Home theater, as we all know, can be a fantastic addition to any home. Its addition can significantly improve the entertainment component as well as the visual experience when watching your favorite movies, series, and other media. If you do not want a home theater system and merely want a proper television installation, 


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