Does mounting a TV damage the wall?

One of the commonly asked questions is if mounting a TV will damage the wall after numerous question-and-answer sessions with the customer. Okay, let’s clarify this specific question that is circling in your mind.

Many benefits come with TV mounting. TV mounting provides advantages, but if done incorrectly, it might have negative effects. One of the biggest effects can be wall damage.

In general, TV mounting does hamper your wall. Okay, it might be intimidating to hear that but that’s a harsh reality. One needs to drill holes in order to mount a TV. Therefore, drilling holes directly affects the walls. Therefore, a TV comes with a drilling hole for mounting. However, there are particular methods.

However, there are certain ways to mount your TV on the wall without making your walls weaker in the long term.

Ways to Mounting a TV on your wall without affecting it

To Mount TV on your without affecting it is possible. Although, there will be the use of a driller on your walls to create holes for your TV installation. However, there are some factors to take into account that will enable you to mount your TV on your wall without having an impact.

Consider the following points to mounting the TV on your wall to avoid any long-term damage to your wall.

Proper measurement

The right measurement is one of the most important considerations when installing a television on a wall. It is essential to measure the television and a specific area on the wall correctly. In order to prevent damage to the piece of your wall that will not be used for TV mounting, you must fix them right area and measurement.

Thanks to this, you should be able to put your TV exactly where you want it. To ensure that the tape will be neat and even when fitted, you can also use a straight edge when placing it down.

Choosing a technical personnel

Well, the measurement part can very much be completed by anyone. However, you need a skilled someone who has done it before if you want to mount your TV on the wall appropriately. Not only will it ensure that your mounting is accurate, but it will also take wall protection into account.

Every person who requires tv mounting can get assistance from a knowledgeable specialist at HomeTech Geeks without damaging your wall. The technician will make sure that the mounting includes protecting your walls in addition to securing mountings.

Making use of stud finder

A handheld tool called a stud finder is used with wood structures to discover framing studs concealed under the finished wall surface, which is typically drywall. As we all know mounting tv on certain walls can be dangerous for mounting as well as can damage walls.

A stud finder is useful for, well, locating studs that are concealed. Recognizing where those are is essential so that when you’re hanging flat-screen TV or large-size tv, you can be sure to screw into them rather than just the drywall. This helps you to know your wall to mount your tv on the wall without affecting it.

Using No-Stud Hanger Mount

Currently, no-stud hanger mounts are very popular for mounting TVs on walls without harming them. In the meanwhile, these mounts are quite strong and constructed such that they won’t damage the wall. The fact that it can be installed with only a few nails and brackets is another benefit of not employing a strong hanger mount.
These easy instructions will help you add a no-stud hanger mount.

  1. Position and level your TV in the center.
  2. Use various nails.
  3. Begin by placing nails in the center, corner, and other areas.
  4. Secure the screws and mount your television to the wall.

Using Drywall Anchor

A drywall anchor is an insert that is essential to mount the wall along with the proper screw. Additionally, a drywall anchor can establish a solid mount anyplace on a panel of drywall or another hollow wall.

A drywall anchor is mandatory because drywall is too frail to support hanging objects. In essence, the anchor makes it possible to screw into the wall without risking the surrounding soft drywall collapsing. They can even support enormous TVs while safeguarding your wall.

Should we use a TV stand instead?

After going through each point and knowing that TV mounting can damage your walls. You might be thinking to switch TV stands as you don’t have to drill the holes. Also, most of you will choose this option as using a stand directly avoids the relations or attachment of your TV with your walls. However, a TV stands as useful as it can have quite a drawback compared to TV mounting. Here are a few negative sides of TV stands as compared to TV mounting,

  • Unquestionably, a TV stand costs more than a TV wall mount.
  • Despite this, assembling a tv stand is straightforward and quick, and it can be done at home with basic tools. The television taking up surface space is the main drawback of stand mounting. You’ll need a tabletop or other flat surface wide enough to fit the TV’s base stand to set the TV on.
  • The greatest option for a comfortable viewing distance may not be TV stands. Different stands have various viewing angles, which can be difficult for some people.
  • By mounting your flat screen on the wall, you also lessen the chance that your child or pet may tamper with the cords or knock the device over. Because they are at a height, wall mounts are a reliable, secure, and safe solution in these circumstances.

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