All You Wanna Know About iPhone Screen Repair

What could be more distressing than a shattered iPhone screen? My premium iPhone’s screen has already been routinely shattered in the past. After breaking my screen numerous times, and fixing them with different iPhone technicians, I’ve learned a few things to consider during iPhone screen repair which I am going to share in this article today. 

I am not an iPhone guru but a guy with multiple slips and broken screens. So, with my personal experience of breaking a few screens, I could help you with its best repair technique and guide.

Apple’s iPhone has swiftly become one of the most popular smartphones. However, with a sight slip from the hand, the screen is shattered, the fragility of the iPhone screen is something we can talk about. You pay hundreds/thousands of dollars for your iPhone, so, naturally, you want to avoid any accidents, however, accidents are inevitable.

According to a Square Trade study, two out of every three smartphone owners had their phones damaged in the previous year. Cracked displays were also the most prevalent sort of damage, accounting for 29% of all cell phones destroyed, followed by scratched screens. As a result, the majority of customers require regular screen repairs.

As accidents are inevitable and screens keep breaking, I’ll walk you through the tips and tricks when it comes to iPhone screen repair. I will compare and contrast the pricing of a screen of various models as well as the best place to repair your iPhone.

How Much Does iPhone Screen Repair Cost?

The cost of repair varies depending on the model. It is obvious that the most recent and premium model will cost more than the earlier ones. 

Here is the tabulated list of every iPhone with their average screen repair cost.

The prices for both the Apple authorized store and the third-party store are listed below:

Model Cost 
iPhone 13 Pro Max $329
iPhone 13 Pro $279
iPhone 13 $279
iPhone 13 Mini $229
iPhone 12 Pro Max $329
iPhone 12 Pro $279
iPhone 12 $279
iPhone 12 Mini $229
iPhone 11 Pro Max $329
iPhone 11 Pro $279
iPhone XS Max $329
iPhone XS $279
iPhone XR $279
iPhone X $199
Other models before iPhone X $100-$150

The cost of replacing your iPhone screen at a third-party retailer is roughly 30-50 dollars less than at an Apple authorized store. In the Apple store, for example, iPhone 13 Pro Max screen replacements cost around $329. Third-party repair shops sell it for roughly 280-300$

Is it possible to get your iPhone screen repaired for free?

Meanwhile, there is no warranty for a damaged screen or if you drop your phone.

Your iPhone and Apple-branded accessories are covered by the Apple Limited Warranty for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

However, our warranty does not cover accidental damage or unauthorized alterations. The warranty contains all of the necessary information. As a result, you can only claim a warranty if your iPhone has manufacturing flaws.

Is it necessary to get your iPhone screen repaired by an Authorized Apple Service Provider?

Authorized Apple Service Providers are repair services that have been approved by Apple to perform repairs. You will void your warranty if you do not use an Authorized Apple Service Provider while your phone is under warranty. We do not advise you to void your warranty. If your phone isn’t covered by a warranty, though, it can be more cost-effective to use a third-party repair provider.

A warranty is also offered through the Apple Store. Authorized Apple Service also provides a high degree of quality that should not be neglected. Although, the cost of a screen repair in an authorized Apple store, on the other hand, is quite significant. 

Everyone, on the other hand, wants to save money and avoid having to pay for an additional iPhone repair. As a result, a third-party option could be a great way to save money on your phone repair. Hence, there are a few things to think about when selecting a third-party repair shop.

  1. Quality Inspection: One can always the technician’s portfolios for quality assurance. Furthermore, having an expert technician on hand for repairs is usually a benefit.
  2. Customer feedback: Customer reviews are another approach to determine whether or not third-party stores are trustworthy. Furthermore, the review and comment sections can be used to determine whether or not the service is real.
  3. Asking for guarantees and warranties: It’s usually a good idea to inquire about guarantees and warranties whenever you go to a third-party repair shop. They are always more accountable when they provide guarantees and warranties.


How to find out if iPhone Screen is genuine?

A humorous thing occurred back eventually when one of my pals flexed me about his iPhone screen being repaired at a lower cost. However, upon closer study, we discovered that the screen he flexed had been completely duplicated. Here are a few methods for determining whether or not your iPhone Screen is authentic.

  1. Checking the iPhone display warning: When your phone has a duplicate screen, Apple provides a display warning option. Go to Settings, pick General, and press About to see if your device has such a warning.
  2. Examining the true tone feature: Examining the true tone feature is one of the most effective techniques to determine whether or not your screen is genuine. Furthermore, if your true tone feature works properly, your screen is likely to be real.
  3. Analyzing the touch: Duplicate screens always have a problem on the touch screens. Hence, one could know that their iPhone screen is fake if it has frequent touch problems.
  4. Checking screens through brightness: Put your iPhone display on maximum brightness to verify the uniqueness of your screen for brightness. Then, open a dark photograph to determine whether it’s genuine. You can also magnify the image to ensure that it covers the entire screen. Furthermore, if the screen looks to be turned off, you have a genuine OLED display. Even the faintest tinge of gray or white, on the other hand, indicates that the display isn’t genuine.

Is it reasonable to repair your iPhone’s screen?

If all your broken smartphone needs is a new screen, it can be simply restored to its former splendor.

 Screen repair services are nearly usually the best option because they save customers money and effort.

There are frequent iPhone trolls that it cost so much that one should sell their kidneys. As a result, replacing your screen is a better alternative than selling one of your kidneys to pay for a new one.

In most circumstances, though, a low-cost screen repair can extend the life of your smartphone by many months. In most cases, though, a low-cost screen repair can significantly extend the life of your smartphone. Repairing a device rather than replacing it allows you to remain using your current smartphone while waiting for a newer technology to emerge.

How long does it take to repair the screen on an iPhone?

For specific repairs, including screen repairs, many of our Apple Authorized Service Providers provide same-day service. You’ll receive a notification from the repair center if your technician needs to send your iPhone to one.

Additionally, third-party retailers that desire to compete with Apple stores offer similar repair services.

Some of the best tips to protect your iPhone Screens

Your iPhone’s screen may become weak as a result of frequent screen repairs. Furthermore, to safeguard one’s screen, one should constantly follow the guidelines listed below.

1.   Use a sturdy screen protector: There are various types of glass protectors available for your device. Furthermore, the screen protector provides robust protection for your device against various physical damages. In addition, the screen protector also keeps your device safe from cracks and scratches.

2.   Investing in a protective case: Protective cases are quite important for protecting your electronics from collisions when you drop them. Moreover, protective cases give extra support to your phone giving that extra edge to protect your screens.

3.   Use phones that fit your hand: There are some people who like to carry iPhones with the pro-Max version. It is, however, always a better idea to use models that are compatible with you. It’s usually a good idea to buy phones that have a good grip so they don’t fall out of your hands all the time.

4.   Avoid contact with dust and other materials that can damage your screens: Another way to damage your phone is to keep it in close proximity to items like coins and keys. These items have the potential to cause physical damage to the screen. Additionally, dust particles impact your screen, potentially causing scratches or screen deterioration.


To recap, if you have a broken item, you may have a lot of questions like how much it will cost to fix it and how much it would cost to replace it. This article may have given you some insight into where and how to get your iPhone display repaired. Furthermore, you should only deal with the most dependable solutions when it comes to iPhone screen repairs. If they offer quality assurance, you can even go with third-party options. 

Furthermore, I hope that this blog has provided you with all of the information you require regarding your iPhone Screen repair. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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