All About Mounting TV On A Brick Fireplace

Are you having problems mounting big LED display TV on a brick fireplace? When it comes to mounting a TV on a brick fireplace, the brick fireplace can be one of the most difficult places to work with. Unlike other places to attach your television, a brick fireplace can be extremely inconvenient. 

As a professional TV mounting service provider, let us explain everything you need to know about mounting a TV on a brick fireplace.

A brick fireplace is one that is constructed of stone, brick, and masonry. Mounting a TV in Brick Fireplace comes with a lot of challenges. Firstly, let us go on what is the major material essential to mounting a tv on a brick fireplace

Steps to Mount TV on brick fireplace

There are various factors to consider before mounting a television on a brick fireplace. Because placing a television near a fireplace might be hazardous, it is critical to use proper mounting techniques.

1. Consider the mortar or fireplace you are using

Every home has a different fireplace surround. We’ve visited thousands of homes and have never seen two that are the same, which is why we can’t give an exact recipe for mounting a television above a fireplace in good conscience. Not without first inspecting the place and all of its components.
Also, because mortar might have a variety of features, you’ll need the assistance of an expert to fully comprehend the mortar. Furthermore, this will assist you in avoiding any issues that may arise as a result of mortar or your fireplace.

2. Choose the appropriate anchor

Another major part is to choose the appropriate anchor for your TV. Hollow-wall anchors are not recommended because they cannot hold the weight of the TV wall mount brackets and the television. This may also cause your television to topple. Using an anchor that is too long may also have an impact on the chimney. Long anchors that are excessively long can cause damage to a masonry chimney, which is rather prevalent in brick fireplaces.

3. Create a hole for the TV mounting and put it together.

Make sure your hole markings are level by using a level. While setting up a hole make sure you use a proper driller and at the proper height. Since mounting tv on a brick fireplace is dangerous an ideal height is really important  Screwing the taps into the brick was a bit of a challenge. In reality, we shattered the top of the screw trying to screw it in so tightly, but the other screws are securely fastened. Assemble the TV wall mount kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Brackets should be attached to the television. 

Also, because interpreting the manufacturer’s instructions are difficult, a qualified technician is mandatory to install the television on the wall. The greatest TV mounting service is provided by Home Tech Geeks. We provide safe and inexpensive service, whether it’s a brick fireplace or drywall.

4. Mount the TV to the wall using brackets

After making holes to mount the TV, one needs to mount the TV to the wall using brackets. All that is essential for the proper use of the bracket is a TV bracket of the correct size that fits properly into your television and suits your location with the proper tv mount weight. Furthermore, because there are so many different types, it’s always a challenge for the typical individual to properly and efficiently suit it.

TV brackets are made of sturdy steel and are used to provide your television with a strong grip so that it may be fixed on the wall. Despite its widespread use, many individuals are unsure of how to select the appropriate TV bracket. Choosing a size at random puts your entire television in jeopardy.

For more details on How to Choose the right TV bracket? Click Here

Things to avoid while mounting your TV On Brick Fireplace

After reading the step-by-step guide on installing your TV on a brick fireplace, you’re undoubtedly contemplating the challenge of mounting a television on a brick fireplace. However, there are several precautions and things to avoid while mounting a TV on a brick fireplace. The following are the main things to avoid while installing your TV on a brick fireplace:

Avoid lighting your fireplace for long

As a result of these considerations, you may wonder what good it is to have a fireplace and television if we are unable to utilize them for an extended period. However, one must be aware that you are referring to a fire and an electronic gadget. Your TV will be less affected despite the suitable height and mounting methods, but using the fireplace for a long amount of time with a TV immediately above it may not be a smart idea for your TV’s long-term safety.

Wire Exposure

The right mounting approach includes hiding the wires. However, checking the wire of your TV mounts regularly is always a good idea. Because cables damage more easily when there is a fire underneath them. So, there are two aspects: first, correctly concealing TV wires, and second, regularly checking to see if cables are close to fit or not.

Height of the TV too close to the fireplace

When it comes to the height of the TV on the brick fireplace, there are numerous factors to consider. Because the brick fireplace can be challenging to situate, placing it too close to the fireplace can harm your TV, and placing it too high can affect ergonomics. So, one of the best ideas is to choose a comfortable viewing angle and to seek professional advice from a reputable mounting service provider to determine whether or not a mounting television at a specific height can catch fire or not.


Though mounting a TV over a brick fireplace can be extremely dangerous and tricky using each and every step above can help you to mount your TV properly. Also, if you avoid using the fireplace for long, exposing your wires you will be at a pretty good place when it comes to mounting the TV on a brick fireplace. Meanwhile, if you have any problems feel free to contact us.

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