65-inch TV wall mount swivel

65-inch TV wall mount swivel for Your Home & Business

With advancements in technology and decreasing prices, 65-inch TVs have become increasingly popular among consumers. These large-sized televisions offer immersive viewing experiences, stunning visuals, and the ability to transform your living room into a mini home theater.

To maximize the benefits of owning a 65-inch TV, using a swivel wall mount is a game-changer. A swivel wall mount allows you to easily adjust the viewing angle of your TV, providing flexibility and comfort. Whether you’re watching your favorite shows, or movies, or playing games, a swivel wall mount ensures that you can find the perfect viewing position from anywhere in the room.

In this comprehensive blog, we will explore the world of 65-inch TV wall mounts with a swivel function. We will guide you through the process of selecting the right mount, offer installation tips, and provide recommendations for optimizing your viewing experience. Additionally, we will address maintenance and safety considerations, troubleshoot common issues, and highlight the advantages of using a swivel wall mount for your 65-inch TV.

Understanding the Basics of Swivel Wall Mounts

What is a swivel wall mount?

A swivel wall mount is a specially designed TV mount that allows you to rotate your television horizontally, providing flexible viewing angles. Unlike fixed or tilt mounts, a swivel mount offers the ability to adjust the TV’s position, making it ideal for larger screens like the popular 65-inch TVs. This type of mount consists of a bracket that attaches to the wall and a mounting plate that connects to the back of the TV, enabling smooth horizontal swiveling motion.

How does it differ from other types of mounts?

Compared to fixed mounts that keep the TV in a stationary position or tilt mounts that allow vertical adjustments, swivel wall mounts provide an additional range of motion. Swivel mounts enable you to rotate the TV left or right, expanding the viewing area and accommodating multiple seating positions. This flexibility ensures an optimal viewing experience, regardless of where you’re seated in the room.


  • Enhanced viewing angles: Swivel mounts offer the freedom to adjust the TV horizontally, providing better viewing angles and reducing glare.
  • Flexible seating arrangements: With a swivel mount, you can position your TV to face different areas of the room, allowing for versatile seating arrangements.
  • Improved accessibility: Swiveling the TV towards you makes it easier to connect cables, access ports, and make adjustments without straining.

Choosing the Right Swivel Wall Mount for 65-Inches TV

Researching reputable brands and models:

When selecting a swivel wall mount for your 65-inch TV, it’s essential to research reputable brands known for their quality and durability. Look for well-established manufacturers with a track record of producing reliable TV mounts.

Reading customer reviews and ratings:

Customer reviews and ratings provide valuable insights into the real-world experiences of other users. Take the time to read reviews from customers who have purchased and used the swivel wall mounts you’re considering. Pay attention to their comments on installation ease, sturdiness, swivel functionality, and overall satisfaction.

Comparing features and specifications:

Compare the features and specifications of different swivel wall mounts to determine which ones align with your requirements. Look for features like full-motion swivel, tilt adjustments, weight capacity, and compatibility with VESA mounting standards. Consider whether you need additional features such as cable management systems or built-in leveling adjustments.

Considering budget and value for money:

While it’s important to consider your budget, remember that investing in a high-quality swivel wall mount is a smart decision to protect and enhance your 65-inch TV viewing experience. Look for mounts that offer a balance between cost and value for money. Assess the features, durability, and customer reviews to determine the overall value a mount offers. Remember that a slightly higher upfront investment in a reliable mount can save you from potential issues and ensure a secure and long-lasting installation for your valuable TV

Step-by-Step Guide to Mounting Your 65-Inch TV with a Swivel Wall Mount

Gathering the necessary tools:

Before you begin the installation process, gather the required tools. These may include a stud finder, level, measuring tape, drill, screwdriver, wrench, and cable management accessories.

Measuring and marking the wall:

Measure and mark the desired height and position for your TV on the wall. Use a measuring tape and level to ensure accurate measurements and a straight installation. Mark the locations for the top and bottom of the mount, as well as any additional holes needed for cable management.

Locating the studs for secure mounting:

Use a stud finder to locate the wooden studs in the wall. Mounting your swivel wall mount to the studs provides the necessary strength and stability to hold your 65-inch TV securely. Mark the center of each stud with a pencil or tape for reference during the installation process.

Attaching the mount to the wall:

Align the mounting bracket with the marked stud locations and use a drill to create pilot holes. Secure the mount to the wall using appropriate screws or bolts, ensuring a tight fit. Double-check the levelness of the mount using a level to ensure a straight and balanced installation.

Mounting the TV onto the swivel mount:

Refer to the instructions provided with your swivel wall mount to attach the mounting plate to the back of your 65-inch TV. Make sure to use the appropriate screws and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for weight capacity and compatibility.

Cable management tips:

After mounting a TV, everyone needs a clean and organized look, for utilizing cable use cable clips or zip ties to bundle and route the cables. This not only helps to keep the cables out of sight but also prevents them from getting tangled or damaged.

Testing and adjusting the swivel functionality:

Once the TV is mounted, test the swivel functionality by gently moving the TV left and right. Ensure that the swivel motion is smooth and that the TV remains securely attached to the mount. Adjust the swivel tension, if applicable, to achieve the desired level of resistance.

Conclusion about 65-Inch TV with a Swivel Wall Mount

Opting for a swivel wall mount for your 65-inch TV offers a multitude of benefits. The ability to adjust the viewing angle provides flexibility and comfort, ensuring an optimal viewing experience from any corner of the room. By researching reputable brands, reading customer reviews, comparing features, and considering value for money, you can choose the right swivel wall mount that suits your needs and budget.

You can follow this instruction for your 65-inch tv wall mount swivel or can hire a professional for secure and safe TV mounting. Home Tech Geeks is always here for you to make your home into a mini theater.

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