5 Easy Ways To Dismount TV

After getting through much of the information regarding mounting your TV. There are several things one needs to consider while going through dismounting your TV. Okay, you might be thinking to dismount the TV is quite an easy task. You unscrew the screw and roll the wires however there is much more to it ranging from proper dismounting method without affecting your wall and wire itself.

Undoing TV mounts appear more difficult than it is because today’s TV mounts are fairly sturdy. It is better you hire a professional TV dismounting service to do the job nicely and cleanly. However, if you understand the risk and are willing to try it on your own, without holding us responsible in any manner, here is the way it should be done. 

Ways to dismount TV

Wall mounts are made up of two components that are connected by screws and sometimes by a lock. You’ll be able to raise your TV and get it to where it needs to go by removing these components. These components, however, are not as simple as you might believe and should be completed in a step-by-step manner. Okay, let’s look at some of the ways to dismount your TV.

1. Remove all wires from the television

To begin, unplug all of the television’s cords. This will keep it from getting caught when you remove it from the bracket. Meanwhile, make sure there are no hidden cords plugged in. They can become twisted, making it difficult or impossible to remove the television from the wall. Furthermore, cords are often tripped over, so take care of them before moving your priceless television. Pull the power wire from the wall and make sure you don’t leave any attachments behind.

2. Remove the security and protection locks.

There are several different types of safety measures to keep your television in place. There are no locks on any TV mounting. If yours does, it might be any of a number of different lock kinds. The lock could be a basic screw, a lock with a different type of bar, or a lock with a bar that can be pulled. If you attempt to remove such TV mounts with caution, you risk damaging your walls.

However, there are different types of locks that you might be unaware of. Meanwhile, there are also many mounting techniques that might be pretty unclear to you. We provide you best professional service which will help you to avoid such troublesome situations during mounting as well as dismounting. Professional service can be your major need to prevent any problem that occurs while dismounting your TV.

3. Deattach the screws and remove the mount strings

Furthermore, there are many types of screws that are common when mounting a TV, depending on the mounting type. Understanding the details of which screw or mount strings are on your television is essential. Stringed mounts have a spring lock built into the mount. You must prevent the activation of the lock. For unscrewing and removing the mount strings one definitely needs proper help or a skilled professional. Hence, HTG could be your true companion.

4. Dismount Your TV From the Walls

It’s now time to detach the television from the wall. Also, double-check that your television is free of all screws and strings. Also, depending on the size of your TV, if you’re dismounting it by yourself, you’ll need a second person to assist you. So far, you’ve been able to detach and safeguard your TV, but a portion of the mount is still remaining to dismount. Once you’ve gained control of the television, carefully place it face down on the specified soft surface to avoid scratching the screen.

5. Remove the mount on the walls

Finally, and maybe most importantly, this is the last phase. When removing the mount from the walls, use caution. You might want to remove the mount so that you can use your wall for something else, or even consider mounting another TV on there. Make a detailed plan for what you’ll put on your wall in the future. In addition, if you decide not to utilize the mount without the TV, the second mount component will be an empty encumbrance on your wall. If you wish to get rid of it, just use the same techniques you did to get rid of the rest of the mount. If the screws aren’t giving much pressure, remove them and drop the mount.

Advantages of Dismounting TV From Professional

After hearing the above steps most of you might think of dismounting your TV on your own. However, there are many advantages of using a professional to dismount your TV. Here are some of them

  • Professionals take care of every detail, including carefully unscrewing screws, safely removing cables, and ensuring that screws or other components do not go missing.
  • A skilled technician will dismount your TV in a cleaner way. They will make sure your wall or any portion of your room will not get messy.
  • You will not face any hiccups while dismounting your TV if you take help from professionals.
  • Another major advantage is the proper safety of your television. If you use a professional they will take care of every small detail regarding safely dismounting your TV.
  • Meanwhile, hiring pros will ensure that your mounts are secure for your future TV mounting project. Also, whether you’re replacing your TV or dismounting your present mount for a stronger one, you’ll get the right advice.


When you are thinking of dismounting your TV, generally there are 5 steps. However, the steps might be more or less as per the mounting techniques and location. Most importantly, mounting and dismounting are quite troublesome and delicate tasks. Wrong mounting and dismounting techniques can totally hamper your walls and television. Hence, follow every step for proper dismounting.

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