5 Easy Steps To Mount TV on DryWall

Do you have trouble mounting the television on drywall? Mounting a television provides various challenges to the normal person. Similarly, mounting a TV on drywall provides similar challenges. There are many steps to mount tv on drywall. It’s difficult to mount a TV on a wall that has a dry structure. Despite the fact that drywall can support a large TV. The drywall is pretty rigid, and the mount may need to be done properly. If the installation is done incorrectly, the TV will fall to the floor. The frame for the TV that supports your walls contains wall studs.

While hanging a TV on drywall may appear difficult, there are a few methods to ensure that it remains stable and does not tumble down. Check for studs behind your walls once you’ve found a mount that works with your TV. If there are, you can screw the mount into the studs directly.

Mounting your TV on Drywall is one of the troublesome tasks. Many people also point out that drywall should be your last option whenever you thinking of mounting your TV. However, if the drywall in your house is one of the suitable spots for proper viewing angle and watching TV you should totally think of different steps for mounting it. Let’s go through that in detail.

Steps to Mount TV on DryWall

Okay, here are some of the steps to mount the TV on DryWall. These steps will simply help you from smashing the TV on the floor. Moreover, these methods are pretty straightforward and will help you to provide the best support to your TV on drywall.

Pick an ideal spot to mount a TV on drywall

Rather than picking a random empty area in your house, it’s always advisable to choose an optimal location. In the case of drywall, selecting the best location is essential. The drywall is fragile, making installation problematic. As a result, a location with excellent drywall and a television that fits exactly should always be your number one priority.

Using Strong Mounting methods

If you don’t want to see your TV getting smashed on the floor due to weak mounting methods. One should definitely consider a tough and professional mounting technique. Meanwhile, one could always argue their personal mounting techniques are enough. However, to mount tv on drywall is quite a troublesome and complex task. You need appropriate gadgets, brackets, and different other devices for proper mounting of your TV on the wall. So, it’s mandatory to use strong mounting methods on your drywall to protect your television.

Wall mounts follow a common pattern to ensure that they will fit any TV. Mounts, on the other hand, are different for specific TV sizes and weights. A 32-inch TV wall mount would not be capable of supporting the weight and size of a 40-inch TV. Choosing the improper mount, then, could be hazardous to your television.

For dry walls, toggle bolts can sustain up to 50 pounds of drywall weight, while steel hollow-wall anchors can support up to 100 pounds of drywall weight.

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mount tv on dry wall

Always be mindful of the TV’s size and the drywall’s condition

Another thing to keep in mind is the TV’size and the condition of the drywall. TV weights vary by manufacturer, implying that a larger screen will weigh more. A large TV can have different methods or uses strong mounting techniques as compared to a small one.

You should also check the load capacity of the anchors you select. If the wall is ancient and decaying, it won’t matter if you use the strongest wall anchors to place a TV on it without a stud. If the drywall appears unstable, it may bow beneath the weight of the TV and maybe collapse. Moreover, if your drywall is old and decaying large TV can totally crumble the wall or even lead your TV to fall down.

On the drywall, install the correct tv wall mount bracket.

Before you can mount the television to the wall, you’ll need to connect the appropriate brackets to it.
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the brackets on the television. Before screwing the brackets in place, you’ll need to locate the holes on the back of the TV and match them up with the holes on the brackets. In addition, one should always measure the mounting brackets.

Now that the brackets are fastened to the back of the television, you may measure and hang the mounting bracket that will be hammered into the wall with a drill or a driver. Begin by marking the locations of the holes you’ll be drilling on the studs you’ve already discovered.

Rechecking the location of all components, screws, and brackets

The last and most neglected step in mounting your TV on walls or other surfaces is not double-checking the components screws or brackets utilized after they’ve been installed. These actions are really necessary when it comes to drywall because it is quite brittle. Many times, the TV will crash overnight or even with a tiny breeze or wind, just because the mounting is not done correctly or double-checked.


Okay, everyone can totally agree that mounting a TV on drywall is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many experts even suggest drywall should be the last option for any individual to mount a tv, However, using all different methods could solve your problem of mounting your TV on drywall. Most importantly, as solid and brittle as drywall can be using proper technicians, components, and devices can totally solve the issues to mount the TV on drywall. If you still have any problems mounting the TV on drywall. Feel free to contact us for a professional TV mounting service.

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